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สรุปเอกสารที่เกี่ยวข้องเกี่ยวกับkarlsson’s hotel & restaurantในJudge Denies Jamie Spears Motion to Compel Britney Spears Deposition (Leave Her Alone)ที่สมบูรณ์ที่สุด


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Judge Denies Jamie Spears Motion to Compel Britney Spears Deposition (Leave Her Alone)
Judge Denies Jamie Spears Motion to Compel Britney Spears Deposition (Leave Her Alone)

นอกจากการหาข้อมูลเกี่ยวกับบทความนี้ Judge Denies Jamie Spears Motion to Compel Britney Spears Deposition (Leave Her Alone) คุณสามารถหาข้อมูลเพิ่มเติมด้านล่าง


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Judge Denies Jamie Spears Motion to Compel Britney Spears Deposition (Leave Her Alone).

karlsson’s hotel & restaurant.

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44 thoughts on “Judge Denies Jamie Spears Motion to Compel Britney Spears Deposition (Leave Her Alone) | ปรับปรุงใหม่karlsson’s hotel & restaurantเนื้อหาที่เกี่ยวข้อง

  1. Christina Short says:

    This is extremely sad. So many people used and abused her and profited from it! Treating anyone like this is a sin and even if you weren’t suffering from mental health issues, you would most certainly end up with mental health issues after this experience. Everyone who knowingly benefited from this exploitation should pay!

    Britney is incredibly strong and resilient. Most people would not survive this experience. Shout out to everyone who supported her from day 1.

    Hopefully she can be free of this nightmare in the near future.

  2. CDKII says:

    The court was comply cut n the who financial gain game, let's just say it out loud Natalie, as was her manager, accountant, other family members, EVERYbody. If they weren't, they were "banned". So, she had np freinds, no social life, and O M G let's not even get started on the hidden cams ans mics her sperm donor dad had installed all over EVETY room of her house — yes, bathrooms, her BEDROOM……. He's a sick puppy.

    What never ceases to amaze me is the arrogance of a man who going to getbhis ass sued by her, lose everything , and yet he's still trying to get money out of her…..

    That judge, and every person involved, should be sued and prosecuted.

    But, it IS California….They're letting criminals run riot sooooo…… maybe she can do it through another state like Johnny Depp.

  3. blacknosugarnocream says:

    She didn't need a conservatorship. All these celebrity men who run amok in the streets and no one puts them under conservatorship. But a young woman who may be flailing after a divorce, or self medicating with narcotics… and suddenly she needs to be tamed, restrained, forcefully medicated, emotionally blackmailed with threats of not seeing her children, etc.

    Stop turning a blind eye to what happened here. The law stepped in to virtually kidnap an adult, financially self-sufficient woman. That just doesn't happen so blatantly or publicly to men.


  4. Jaymi Leigh says:

    A few semantic corrections from a “free Britney person”… so her dad wasn’t hired her manager in any way, he simply wrote himself into her contracts, with permission of the court, to “help cover his personal costs/burdens of touring with her”. Also, while he was both conservator of the person and estate, he did have a co-conservator of the estate, an attorney named Andrew Wallet. Andrew Wallet tendered an emergency resignation around the time Britney was put into a mental health facility and put on lithium in early 2019, citing that to deny his request for resignation would cause irreparable harm to Britney’s estate. James spears and Andrew Wallet later worked together in attempts to have Andrew reinstated as co-conservator of the estate when Britney made motions via court appointed council requesting the removal of James Spears as conservator all together.

  5. jorazz16 says:

    What I've heard allegedly drugging Britney Spears with all different types of drugs for 13 years years or more I think. Then she finally gets her freedom she is going to do things that people think are not normal. I think any of us that went through what she went through, would need time Afterwards to find themselves. Besides really? because she puts pictures of herself holding her boobs , That means she should have been in a conservative ship for 13 years??
    This is just my opinion✌️
    unless she is doing something that harming herself or others, we should leave her alone.
    She is an artist, a celebrity, If you compare her to other artists and celebrities that is the norm.😉
    Side-note- I never understood how it was approved in court that Jamie Lynn spears was the person to take over her conservative shit it baffled me.

  6. martinechild says:

    Beyonce's dad also still manages all affairs concerning Destiny's child & he said in an interview that it's a full time job… That's indicative that he messed up but did render yhe group enormous success & his credit is still legit. 🙌

  7. Amber Hastings says:

    The $40K to Daddy was for an insurance payment – in order to be responsible for Brit's financials, Daddy had to insure himself against any wrong doing (how ironic), the coverage in the millions. I'm sure there is better language for this, but best I could do after hearing past coverage of this issue. In essence, the $40K was used to gain access to Brit's estate as the conservator, of which Lou Taylor became her manager …. nice gig if you can get it …. WHY are the Kardashians still working with Lou???

  8. kd2751 says:

    My first and repeated question: who was the judge? Are their no requirements for outside auditors to review records or for periodic assessments by independent psychiatric professionals to determine if a conservatorship is still needed?
    I think it is apparent that such a vast estate would be ripe for misuse and would require additional safeguards.

  9. Helen Coleman says:

    my heart goes out to Brittany as she faces all her suspicions turning out to be true. She was called crazy all these years, and she risked looking more crazy by calling out for freedom. and yet, she was 100% right about her loss of freedom. try to remember that in her conservatorship she was intentionally made blind to a lot of this evidence. She probably hoped the entire 13 years, that she was wrong. Jamie Spears didn't just enslave and use his daughter for 13 years. He made a human being wonder and hope that she was actually crazy because the alternative of betrayal is to much to face.

  10. Lilpinkslip Lee says:

    Britney was never diagnosed officially with any mental disorder. Just thought l would let you know. I have been invested in this case because my own parents caused me significant harm with my father being much like Jamie. The narcissistic abuse can drive you to mental breakdown and this is exactly what they do when you are the scapegoat.

  11. Margaret S says:

    I can hear ALL my accounts professors collectively choking and gasping in my head. Bookkeeping isn’t hard and if you (person supposedly keeping Britney‘s books in order) can’t even do that correctly! Then you’re either incompetent, or partaking in some Fuckery.

  12. Totah Sam says:

    💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 Navajo Nation in New Mexico 12:44 pm on a beautiful rainy Friday (been living under a super-drought for over a decade) This rain is a blessing.

  13. Rebel says:

    He is a despicable human being and father. But, her mother is just as bad, if not worse. She knew Britney was being abused. Britney reached out to her. Yet, her own mother chose to stay silent because she was also profiting of of Britney. Her mother knew that her other children could not support her, so she sacrificed Britney all for money. Britney was used by her parents all along.

  14. nguyenkh2002 says:

    Lou Taylor is a women and best friend of Jamie Lynn Spears who was using Britney's summer hoe and getting paid and was her power of attorney. Jamie Lynn was also making money off of the conservatorship

  15. Ella Grace says:

    The thing that a lot of people are forgetting is that Sam Ingram & the guy before him who were Britney's Court Appointed Attorney didn't object to Anthything that Jamie & the others was doing.

  16. Attic Hatch Sound - Bob Kowal says:

    Britney's Lawyer' seems great. BUT. Is it common practice to be so redundant? He makes the same points over and over and over. For a layman like me it was getting tedious half way through (except for Natalie's compelling commentary at of course) . If I were a Judge whose time is valuable, I might better appreciate reading the points once maybe SOME of the points twice were emphasis is merited.

  17. Tarotlynx says:

    This request, and all his future requests about money he 'should' have gotten from the conservancy, should be treated as if they were filed in divorce court. The reason for this is that, to my understanding, divorce court rulings usually means that the matter is concluded and nothing more can be done about the past. Divorce courts tend to only rehear things such as modifying child support or altering custody rules.

    In short, he's had his day and shouldn't be permitted to be a vexatious litigant. Yes, I know what I said. Oh, for those of you who don't, vexatious means you just keep on suing as if you were trying each one of Baskin-Robbins' 31 flavors. Judges don't like that once they figure it out.

  18. Tarotlynx says:

    This financial report is equivalent to a specialist doctor's report. And like an oncology report, it is also terrifying. I understand this; being totally above board with client/family finances was part of caregiver training. Either be able to account for every orange penny, or don't touch their money at all. He's been trying to save himself by draining his daughter. I'd not blame her at all for going after him for recovery in court.

  19. R N says:

    Both things can be true. Brittany can need help with her mental health and Jamie can be abusing and exploiting her. People who have a disability are more likely to be victims than the general population. I do honestly think that she was out of control and that a normal person would have probably faced criminal charges and other issues if they had done the things she did (child endangerment, assault, vandalism, drug charges, etc…).

  20. Slade says:

    A deposition to find out what? If she was responsible for something?! She was in a conservatorship of both her finances and her person. She literally had no agency and cant be held responsible for anything civil she did during that time.

    AZ replay crew.

  21. Formerly Fossil says:

    James Spears is one of the most disgusting people I know of. He sees his own daughter as nothing but a cash cow. I feel so bad for Brittany, she’s a wonderful woman and i wish she could have a wonderful dad like mine. Instead she got a creep and a vampire.

  22. Cari Ann says:

    Sorry my third comment but I just keep going lol. Kanye still has people discussing him needing a conservatorship, especially after the skete drama earlier with his music video, people often say it when saying no men get put under them just look at kanye! However they avoid looking at real men in them like Bam margera, sam Williams, peter max and so on. Theres stuff out there about kim wanting to put kanye in one but he moved to a state that allows a jury trial for a conservatorship, not as easy as in cali. He is def smarter then he looks but I do hope hes careful plenty of people eyeing his billions.

  23. Cari Ann says:

    Lol you funny, lots of atheists grew up in church lol. I grew up in 2 different ones catholic and Baptist, comparing them helped me come to realize they were both trash lol

  24. Cari Ann says:

    Don't know if you know about this since as you say you haven't really been super into this case, but it was floating around in #FreeBritney and then shown in the Netflix britney v spears, the start of the conservatorship they put dementia on the paperwork, so even if she did need "help" in the beginning this conservatorship was always a scam, they said she had dementia at 26 years old theres no way that was done with good intentions, I'll never believe that. Not to say she didn't break down or need help, but she never qualified for a probate conservatorship in california when theres LPS conservatorships for people with mental health disorders they never tried to put her under, they wanted her in the kind that had less rights for her, they shopped around for a judge it was a sham from day 1.
    Glad to see you covering this though, more eyes the better and I loved your video!

  25. Nicolarse. says:

    I too thought that her dad was coming in to protect her because I thought all dads were like mine. My dad loved me so much that he would kill and die for me and I knew it, he made sure I knew it.

    He would NEVER do what Britney's dad did.

    I don't know what the fuck that man is, but he isn't a dad and I hope he gets everything he deserves. He basically put her on the streets. Pimped out his own child.


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