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  1. Lisa-F Musica says:

    Catrine da Costa, was a friend, of one of my working-collegue and friend.. She was, at that time, the favorite prostitute girl, to our Prime Minister Palme! He like both men and women, girls and boys. She knowed to mutch about Palme, so it was given an order, to get here out, and not to speak! This whas done by Assasains. As she was addicted to drugs, it was easy.. Palme later got AIDS, one of the first. And the team around him, came up with a Theater murder of him, in 1986. Everything to be in power, of that political party…

  2. Mika Kiyome says:

    Wow. Sweden has a truly revolting judicial system. Seems like because of a lower number of annual murders, they have zero idea how to prosecute or deal with them. If you get murdered in Sweden they basically just won’t prosecute the offender. Yikes.

  3. GeniusGen says:

    I really like that you are covering global stories, time to watch the whole list! On another note, even though it's horrible for these things to happen in the first place it's very interesting to learn about them. I've never heard of case 1 and 5 before for example but am glad that case 4 has been solved. The pronunciation is a bit off with the city and village names sometimes, but I think you did a great job nevertheless (and hey, most of us Swedes can't spell or talk English grammatically correct. We have some examples in the comment section)

  4. TobbeTheDude says:

    Update on Peter Madsen. He escaped prison by holding a female psychologist hostage with a pistol looking object and saying that he had a bomb. After about 3 hours he was recaptured.

  5. GorillaGuerilla🇺🇦 says:

    For everyone interested in the case about Kim Wall.
    As many of you true-crime fans might know by now, Peter "Rocket" Madsen, was sentenced to life imprisonment by the City Court of Copenhagen in Denmark, in April 2018 for premeditated murder, sexual assault, and indecent handling of a corpse.
    The conviction was tried September the same year at the High Court of Eastern Denmark, and the sentence stands!

    Peter "Rocket" Madsen is considered extremely dangerous, and the team of forensic psychiatrist has diagnosed him as a Narcissist and Sexual Sadist – so he was sent to the maximum security facility, Herstedvester Prison.
    While imprisoned he has had several "romantic relationships", and in December 2019 he married one of them, the 10 year younger Russian born, Jenny Cupen, who's a single mom and an artist living in asylum in Finland.

    It has been reported that in an interview Madsen has taken responsibility of the death of Kim Wall, however, this is NOT an admission of guilt for the crimes he's been convicted of.

    On October 20. 2020 Peter "Rocket" Madsen, using something that looked like a pistol, and a belt with explosives, succeeded in taking a hostage and escape from prison – however, he didn't get far as he was apprehended again 500 meters from the prison by a "SWAT" unit.

    Law Enforcement didn't take any chances, so although he was detained, he was isolated at the side of the road with three snipers aiming at him, while the Royal Danish Army EOT unit secured the perimeter and made sure he could be taken into custody again.

  6. Dimidus says:

    In early september 2020 swedish newspapers reported that Peter Madsen finally has admitted to killing Kim Wall in a danish documentry series. In this documentry he has supposedly said something in line with "It's my fault she is dead, And that is my fault because I comitted the crime. It is all my fault"

  7. Swee Enchants says:

    They found a creepy ass drive! Got proof the ship was sabotaged and got his skin DNA in her nails! That’s it! He did it for his own sick and twisted benefit! Set the court date and end him! Periodt!

  8. Sophieqvist says:

    Uppdate Kim Wall. 9 september 2020, the submarine guy have confessed to killing her.

    Update the gothenburg 4, the hood of the car was found in 2018, in the attic of a house south of gothenburg. 2019 a body of another older man was found on the same property. Ruled a murder commited around 2016. Original owner of the property died in 2017. 89 y/o

    Property is still surronded in police tape.

  9. SLAGLÖKEN says:

    I just want to point out that the gradle was found outside the restaurant located under Lily’s apartment. It was likely gravy on it and ni connection between it and the murder was ever made 🙂

  10. Dubbel Henke says:

    What the families have had to gone through…..the sisters of Helena said in a radio program recently that they will never give up looking for the truth about their beloved little sister…..

  11. Hard Yacka Nipper says:

    I had completely forgotten about Kim Wall's case until now.
    Even three years ago I had a feeling that that shifty shit had done it.
    A sick and bizarre case. The poor woman…

  12. GoinThruThaGigz- Recovery Specialist says:

    I love your content but Omgggg can you PLEASE SWALLOW before you speak. Your microphone keeps picking up your saliva sounds & it's making me nauseous

  13. Migue says:

    I think those 3 guys in the car most likely had a car accident and died, but the car never was found. It would be nice if we knew the terrain there. On top of that the weather was brutal. The orher guy may have disappeared on his own account

  14. Julz XD says:

    The case about Kataline was the inspiration for the book Girl with the dragon tattoo. The two Drs who had the photos made were loosely based in the book.
    The justice system there is so pathetic that you can get acquitted of murder and dismemberment even if the judge thinks that you're guilty. Statue of limitations needs to be abolished.


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